Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camo my Paintball marker project

I purchased my basic Tippmann A-5 and then proceeded to upgrade and specialize it to my wants, needs and tastes. Now that I have her the way I want it, it's now time to make sure I don't standout in the woods wearing all Multicam Camoflage carrying a black weapon. So my project began buying Krylon Ultra flat spray paint. I bought it on post at the PX for $4 a can. I know it can purchased at your local Home Depot or Lowes for about $6 a can. Being in the military has it's advantages, like no taxes and sold slightly above cost. I also needed for this project some masking tape (just the plain stuff, not the blue junk).

Step One: Disassemble marker and setting aside parts you don't want to paint such as the grip

Step Two: Tape off areas that you'd like to keep paint free such as the Tippmann seal on the left side, serial number, sights and barrel opening. Use an X-acto knife to precisely cut your pieces.

Step Three: Time to paint? Not yet soldier. First you want to clean off the marker. You think she's clean? She's dirty, you just can't see it. If you want a good bond you'll want to get all the oils your fingerprints leave behind and any oil that was lubricating the weapon. Baby wipes work good.

Step Four: Paint? Okay. As long as she's dry from your cleanup.
-First coat is the base coat is a full coat of Krylon Ultra Flat Khaki. Let it dry for ten minutes.
-Second coat: More Krylon Khaki. Let dry ten more minutes.
-Third is a stripe of Krylon Ultra Flat Brown. When I say stripe its a faint stripe across the middle of the object. Then you use the Khaki and dust the drown stripe lightly. Let dry for 20 minutes.
-Fourth coat: At this point of painting you'll need your stencils. Don't have any? Too easy. Find your X-acto knife and a few paper plates and start cutting some camouflage shaped splotches. Now using your own creative freedoms start putting on Krylon Ultra Flat Olive. Let dry 10 minutes.
-Fifth coat: For this coat we're going back to the Krylon Ultra Flat Brown. Using your homemade stencils to cover your marker. Let dry 10 minutes.
-Sixth coat: This is the coat of almost white spots. Spots are usually very small or short and narrow stripes. These may look white but are really a little sand color. This coat uses Krylon Ultra Flat Sand. Let dry 30 minutes.
-Seventh coat: This is our protective coat. Using Krylon Flat Clear coat. This is actually three coats with 10 minutes between coats.

Step Five: After letting the objects dry for several hours, usually overnight. Remove masking tape and reassemble.



Want a really good tutorial to Multicaming your marker go HERE

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  1. Any real paintball-er would be jealous to see this! :)