Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corkboard Stencil Project

The wife was hinting that she wanted a corkboard that was cool. So I got the hint and hit and got these below. They are 1/4 inch thick and perfect for this project.

I rounded up my handy X-acto knife, some poster board that was laying around and a pencil. I cut the posterboard to the exact size of the cork tiles, 12'x12'

I drew a bird and a nest because the wifey loves that stuff. I then cut out the offending pieces. Laid them flat on the cork and used two complementing colors of paint. I used acrylic paint. It dries fast and is in wide abundance in my house and at most craft stores including Walmart. My wife wanted blue and green, soft hues.

The result was everything I wanted. The wife likes 'em too.

As you can see I flipped the stencil and have reverse images of both. Make sure you let the stencils dry before you flip them or it'll ruin your project. Paint is really hard to remove off of cork.